Traveling With Jewelry

January 23, 2020 1 min read

Traveling With Jewelry

It is important to be cautious when traveling with jewelry. It is best to leave any items of high monetary or emotional value at home. This is a time to pull out some fun pieces of jewelry that you don’t often wear.

When in transit, it is best to keep your jewelry in your possession. Never put jewelry in checked luggage or luggage that may be out of your sight.

In our travels, we have developed some techniques that you may find useful:

The Button Trick - Use buttons to keep your earrings together. Separate pairs of earrings by putting the post of each earring through one of the buttonholes of a button and the backing at the other side. Use a single button for each earring.

The Straw Straightener - Plastic straws have been banned in many places, but if you have any laying around, use them to keep your necklaces neat and untangled. Slide one end through the inside of the straw until it comes out on the other end and clasp the necklace together. This keeps your necklaces from getting tangled during travel or storage.

The Storage Stash- In general, we have found the best way to store jewelry is to put each piece of jewelry in an individual plastic bag to prevent scratching. Bags are readily available online. Amazon and The Container Store are two places that offer good selections. We then place the plastic bags in the Carbon Culture travel pouch included with every order.